Our Training Program

Global technologies despite all the hard and professionnal work we do, we still find time to spread the knowledge to the ever growing and enthausiatic youths who want to learn about IT as a whole. we offer so many courses from beginner to professional level. Our training program is very internsive so we only select student who are ready and upto the task at hand. More information will be given to the student who will be selected in the proccess. we offer the following courses.

- Web Application Development from beginner to professional
- Web Design. Designing Graphic User Interfaces (GUI)
- Android and IOS Development form beginner to professional with all the technologies invovled
- IT project management, incoporated with IT consultancy
- SEO (search engine optimization) which is making a site available on search engines
- Hardware and software maintenace and chip level maintenance
- software development with so many languages, giving our student te opportunity to learn multiple languages

That is the list of courses we offer for the moment, if you are interested in any of our courses just apply and if you meet our specification requirement them you will be accepted. Only when you are accepted that we will disclose more about our program and the advantages that comes with the program. Apply now and stand a chance to be selected.