The New Way to success. advance. progress.

Global Technologies is a the new breed in to the world of IT we are out to solve the growing problem of organisational and personal need of web system which always takes alot of time or is poorly done. we have professional development and a 24/7 customer at the disposal of our growing client out there

Customer Support

Global Technologies provide customer support on all dimension, our technical department isupto the task answering any question.


The heartbeat of the web, we take it to the next level with professional tools

Constant Update

We update our clients sites as the wish it, our work is to serve our clients so we do it with pleasure

StandBy Team

We have the man power to do the high tech jobs so our client should be afraid of to meeting date line

24/7 services

Global Technologies comes to the call of our clients when ever there need us, thats what makes the diference.

Free Consultancy

At global technologies we give free it consultancy to our client giving the an idea of the technology out there the best to choose from

Who We Are

Global technologies is the it solution to cameroon, africa and the world at large, we do training, web application development, sofware development, mobile development both on Android and IOS, and must of all IT consultacy.

Web and Mobile Design
Ruby on Rail